Who are we ?

We’re swingers, a lifeStyle couple, we host events in and around the GTA and out to the Hamilton & Brantford corridor. If you don’t already know about the Swinging LifeStyle you might be in the wrong place! but you can find out more by reading our pages or [ click here to go to Wikipedia ].

We always welcome people to join our events, discretion is a key component of who we are and what we do and we expect the same from you. You do need to be comfortable with the lifestyle and the people you’ll meet. They’re a diverse open minded community but they’ll bend your moral compass and you need to have an open mind.

Our events are geared towards couples and single ladies, not single guys and we limit the number of single guys attending our events. Behaviour we deem inappropriate in any way will result in being banned, this applies to everyone.

We organize Meet n Greets, Supper Club outings to restaurants and we sometimes host events at our favourite Toronto LS clubs, OZone [click here] and Oasis Aqualounge [click here].

You’ll find us online on most of the swinger sites, we always use the same profile name “OurFantasyLife”. Look us up.

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